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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-12Cultural systemsGeography
2-12Basic electronicsMathematics and physics
2008-08The competitiveness of retail industry in the current economic challenges in Zimbabwe in the year [1999-2007]Svosve, Obvious
2010An analysis on the impact of organisational structure on employee performance: a case study of Grain Marketing Board BinduraRondozai, Agatha R
2010An investigation into the effects of competition on the operations of short term insurance companies in Zimbabwe. A case study of Heritage Insurance Company from 2005 to 2009Mujuru, Sylvester
2010An analyses of effects of an unstable macroeconomic of environment on capital budgetingKatsande, Anesu Timothy
2010The effect of plant extracts on the control of root knot nematodes in greenhouse tomatoes.Nkomo, Gugulethu N.P.
2010-01An assessment of the level of residents’ compliance to the solid waste management legislation: a case of Sunningdale and Waterfalls, HarareKambuzuma, Kudakwashe
2010-01Human and social biologyBiological Sciences
2010-01BiomathematicsBiological Sciences
2010-01Entomology and parasitologyBiological Sciences
2010-01Vertebrate biologyBiological Sciences
2010-01Diversity of life IIBiological Sciences
2010-01Molecular geneticsBiological Sciences
2010-01Applied bacteriology and mycologyBiological Sciences
2010-01Immunology and virologyBiological Sciences
2010-01Biological moleculesBiological Sciences
2010-01Plant form and functionBiological Sciences
2010-01BiotechnologyBiological Sciences
2010-01Diversity of life 1Biological Sciences